Inventory Description

The archival collection “Investigations of the Routes of Death Marches and of Burials” is a compilation of documents and working materials from the ITS program “Attempted Identification.” It contains municipal reports requested by the Western Allies about graves of unknown dead, mayors’ reports concerning the whereabouts of non-German citizens and German victims of National Socialist persecution, hospital documents, survivors’ testimonies, eyewitness reports, site plans for cemeteries and graves outside of cemeteries, inquiries, death certificates, autopsy reports and police documents as well as evaluations of these documents, reports and data collections of the ITS itself.

Organization and Arrangement

The documents have arranged alphabetically by the name of the municipality.

History of Ownership

The partial collection “5.3.1 Investigations of the Routes of Death Marches and of Burials” is part of the holdings “5.3 Death Marches / Identification of Unknown Dead” that dates from 1950-51, although it contains many documents from the second half of the 1940s.