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The International Tracing Service (ITS) is an international center concerned with Nazi persecution, and a unique source of knowledge for present-day society. As a collection of documents from concentration camps and ghettoes as well as sources on forced labor, it is the world’s most comprehensive archive on the victims of National Socialism. Its holdings also provide information on the consequences of the Nazi crimes in the period following liberation. In 2013, the UNESCO awarded 30 million of these documents the status of World Documentary Heritage.

One of the ITS’s chief aims is to provide open access to these sources. Since 2015, it has gradually been publishing more and more of its holdings on its DIGITAL COLLECTIONS ONLINE platform, which provides small insights into the archive. The ITS will continue to expand its digital offers.

However, DIGITAL COLLECTIONS ONLINE is still no substitute for a visit to the ITS archive in Bad Arolsen, or to any of its seven international partner institutions, which make copies of the ITS archive available to users. A complete index of the ITS archival holdings and other access information (without digitalized documents) can be found on our website as well as on the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) portal.

Structure and Search Functions

When the documents were originally incorporated into the archive, there was no standard form for indexing them. Rather, they were catalogued in keeping with the ITS’s requirements when it still served exclusively as a tracing service. For this reason, the research criteria (places, names, etc.) differ, depending on the respective holdings. A standard search system would be optimal, but setting it up would mean delaying the online publication process by many years. The structure of the DIGITAL COLLECTIONS ONLINE corresponds to the general inventory of the ITS’s archival holdings.

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Important: please note

If you cite a document, please always provide the following information:

[document title], [sub-collection number] / [doc ID] / ITS Digital Archive, Bad Arolsen

Example: Report on Conferences on Unaccompanied Children, 1946, 6.1.2 / 82489042 / ITS Digital Archive, Bad Arolsen

In this portal, the doc ID is found in parentheses after the serial document number. Detailed citation rules can be viewed here.