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In 2015, the Arolsen Archives (previously known as the International Tracing Service) launched DIGITAL COLLECTIONS ONLINE and began to publish documents on imprisonment, forced labor and the aftermath of Nazi crimes in the period after liberation. This platform enabled relatives, researchers and other interested parties to research online in selected holdings of the world’s largest archive on Nazi persecution for the very first time. In May 2019, the Arolsen Archives launched a new online archive enabling users to search an even larger number of documents with additional filter options!

At present, two valuable functions are still only available at DIGITAL COLLECTIONS ONLINE:

You can view the personal effects which were confiscated from the people who owned them on their arrest and use the name and nationality of the former owners to sort them here. Most of them come from the Neuengamme and Dachau concentration camps. [To the effects] (!

In the DP Registration Lists of DP camps and 5.3 Death Marches collections, you can display a map of the places mentioned in the documents and vice versa, i.e. you can use the map to find the documents on a specific place. Map view of the DP camps Map view of the death marches

These functions will be added to the new online archive in future. In the meantime, we will continue to provide access to DIGITAL COLLECTIONS ONLINE. Once the functions have been implemented, this portal will be closed.

Important: please note

If you cite a document, please always provide the following information:

[document title], [sub-collection number] / [doc ID] / ITS Digital Archive, Arolsen Archives

Example: Report on Conferences on Unaccompanied Children, 1946, 6.1.2 / 82489042 / ITS Digital Archive, Arolsen Archives

In this portal, the doc ID is found in parentheses after the serial document number. Detailed citation rules can be viewed here.