3. Registrations and files of displaced persons, children and missing persons

What information can I find here?

Form and contents

This archive unit contains primarily documents on the post-war fates of Displaced Persons up until their repatriation or emigration. The document collection mirrors the foremost task of the ITS after the war: to make information available about the fates of persons persecuted by the Nazi regime. The documents can be classified in three groups:

  • Holdings amassed by the ITS over the course of its activities to document Displaced Persons’ changes of location and places of residence and, on this basis, to furnish the most up-to-date and correct information possible
  • Files on individual persons or families obtained by the ITS from other international organizations whose purpose was the care and maintenance of DPs
  • Holdings of the children’s tracing archive for the identification of unaccompanied minors as well as information collections for inquiries about persons born in 1927 or thereafter

It also contains several lists of deceased victims of persecution, primarily of Jewish origin, from the World Jewish Congress, UNRRA search organizations and elsewhere.

Record groups available online

3.1.1 Registration and Care of DPs inside and outside of Camps

3.2.1 IRO “Care and Maintenance” Program