3. Registrations and Files of Displaced Persons, Children and Missing Persons

This third main group comprises predominantly documentary collections and collections relating to the fates of so-called Displaced Persons after the war up to their repatriation or emigration. It mainly contains those collections the ITS has built up to document people’s place of stay and change of place and to be able to give information based on these registrations. It also encompasses person-related collections of files the ITS took over from other international organizations as well as those collections from the Child Tracing Archive that allow to identify unaccompanied minors, or those collections of information that are relevant for investigations for persons born as of 1927. Moreover the collections consists of lists compiled among others by the World Jewish Congress and UNRRA tracing organizations on deceased persecuted persons mainly of Jewish origin.

Record groups available online

3.1.1 Registration and Care of DPs inside and outside of Camps

3.2.1 IRO “Care and Maintenance” Program