Inventory Description

This material consists of some 30,350 documents containing references to about 4,000 names. The majority of the persons concerned were Holocaust survivors, former concentration camp inmates and Nazi forced laborers. There were also persons who had fled the sphere under Soviet control for political reasons.
The Constitution of the International Refugee Organization established that only DPs who were citizens of Allied countries or were among the persecution victims of the Nazi regime and its allies were eligible for assistance from the IRO. The statutes define the prerequisites for assistance from the IRO very precisely.
If an application was rejected, an appeal could be filed. The IRO Review Board in Geneva ruled on these appeals. The forms in this collection document the Review Board decisions. They contain the following information:

- Applicant’s first and last name
- Nationality and ethnicity
- Decision as to whether the applicant’s appeal was allowed or not
- In some cases the reason for the decision

Organization and Arrangement

The forms are arranged by the serial number of their registration in Geneva, which was recorded in the form. They are arranged neither alphabetically nor chronologically.