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Ermittlungen zu den Orten Bach/Donau - Blickhammer

Investigation about the places Bach/Donau – Blickhammer Eye witness reports on the route of death marches and the burials of their victims, report on the finding of parts of one or more dead bodies in Bad Gandersheim, report on the crashes of ten air force soldiers (1 Canadian and 9 Americans), form sheet lists, report on the passage of a death march from Petershagen to Hanover-Ahlem, death certificates, lists on burial places, correspondence (letter and response) between the International Information Bureau for former Concentration Camp Dachau and the International Interest Group for former Concentration Camp inmates in Upper Bavaria, rural district of Tölz, on the assignment of prisoners of Concentration Camp Dachau in the commando called "Tölzer Schule", observation on a transport organized by Stalag no. 344 in Lamsdorf/Upper Silesia from Upper Silesia to Hammelburg, to be found under Belzheim, Benk, lists of prisoners’ numbers from mass graves, reports on the existence of burial places, letter of the community of Bergen-Belsen on the burial place on the site of former Concentration Camp Bergen-Belsen and its conversion into a memorial center, report on the former SS labor camp with Jewish prisoners in Bernhausen/Filder, minutes of an eye witness report by the former inmate of Concentration Camp Dachau Friedrich Franke Intus Maps of cemeteries, Copies of death certificates

Year01/01/1945 - 31/12/1951
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