Inventory Description

The archive group "Attempted Identification" is a collection of work and results of the ITS program of the same name. It contains, among others, correspondence, eye-witness reports, reports and protocols on the "evacuation" of concentration camps and death marches passing through accommodation of prisoners on the death marches certification of deaths documents on burials indexes of the deceased of the concentration camps and death marches lists of unknown dead as well as evaluations regarding unknown foreign fatalities identification lists of deceased prisoners based on prison-er numbers exhumation of deceased prisoners lists of reburied bodies from mass graves lists pertaining to the maritime disaster involving the Cap Arcona, Athen and Thielbeck outcome of the search for graves of unknown foreigners and concentration camp prisoners information on the results of the identification measures results of the investigations of graves results of the identification based on prisoner numbers routes of the death marches.

History of Ownership

The sub-collection “5.3.2 Attempted Identification” is part of the collection “5.3 Death marches / Identification of unknown dead” and was created between 1950 and 1951, yet also encompasses many documents which had already been created in the second half of the 1940s.