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Ermittlungen zu den Orten Blindheim - Custenlohr

Investigations about the places Blindheim – Custenlohr Report by eye witness E. Gessinger on the passage of a train with prisoners from sub-commando Neckarelz and on the burials of the casualties, reports on the existence of burial places, reports on post-mortem examinations, report by eye witness Adam Hohmann, report on the passage of a death march from Buchenwald to Flossenbürg and the burials of casualties, list of prisoners' numbers from a mass grave, lists on burial places, form sheet lists, report by a vicarage on the passage of several death marches and the burials of the victims. One march led from the Brieg Penitentiary to Amberg. Intus Survey maps of cemeteries, Copies of death certificates, death certificates

Year01/01/1945 - 31/12/1950
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