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Ermittlungen zu den Orten Dachau - Düsseldorf

Investigations about the places Dachau – Düsseldorf Report on the discovery of a mass grave, form sheet lists, reports on the existence of burial places, report on an air attack on the Dingden station, the casualties and their burials, report on the passage of a death march coming from Hameln Penitentiary and leading to Hozen, Holzminden district, on the casualties and their burials, letter by the town of Duderstadt on the labor assignment of inmates of Concentration Camp Buchenwald in the air force ammunition works Polte am Euzenberg and an eye witness report by the former guardsman in the Euzenberg Camp, Walter Scarl. Intus Maps, Death Certificates, Survey map, Card-indexing made in 1949 (a certain Walerian Woroch).

Year01/01/1945 - 31/12/1951
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DE ITS 5.3.1 Tote 7
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