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Ermittlungen zu den Orten Ebenried - Exing

Investigations about the places Ebenried – Exing Form sheet lists, report on the finding of an unknown drowned person and on her burial, eye witness report by former concentration camp inmate Robert Junge on the evacuation of Concentration Camp Dora, on the casualties it claimed and the burials during the evacuation via Tettenborn, Osterode, Freiheit, Lerbach, Ocker, Ravensbrück, Malchow in the direction of Lübeck, liberation near Lüps in Mecklenburg, register of deceased foreign persons, reports on the existence of burial places, registers of deceased prisoners, reports on the passage of death marches, on the casualties and their burials. Intus Survey maps of cemeteries, sketches for survey maps, Map sketches

Year01/01/1946 - 31/12/1949
Shelf mark
DE ITS 5.3.1 Tote 8
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