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Ermittlungen zu den Orten Haag/Oberbayern - Hessenthal

Investigations about the places Haag/Oberbayern – Hessenthal Reports on and notifications of the passage of death marches and the burials of the casualties, reports on the existence of burial places, form sheet lists, findings of mortal remains of Concentration Camp inmates and their burials, eye witness report by former prisoner Otto Friebe on an evacuation march from Concentration Camp Neuengamme to the ship "Rheinfels" in Flensburg aboard which they were freed and, by order of the Swedish Red Cross, all foreign prisoners were taken to Sweden, report on an exhumation, survey report by an official on results and supplements concerning the search action for foreign persons Intus Death certificates, Survey map of a cemetery

Year01/01/1945 - 31/12/1951
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DE ITS 5.3.1 Tote 11
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