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Ermittlungen zu den Orten Lübeck - Mödingen

Investigations about the places Lübeck – Mödingen Lists of deceased persons from mass graves who could be identified and whose death was certified in the death book, form sheet lists, reports on the existence of burial places, eye witness report by Otto Rösler on the movement of a march leading from Landorf near Oppeln to Nuremberg-Langwasser, eye witness report by a former prisoner on the transport from Watenstedt to Ravensbrück and their march into the Western direction up to their liberation, eye witness reports by Hildegard and Franz Tüllmann on the passage of a death march coming from the Fulda direction and leading to Kassel, reports on and notifications of the passage of death marches and the burials of the casualties, report by the former reserve major Walter Reigber on death marches of Russian and English prisoners of war of Stalag 344 in Upper Silesia, lists on the burial places of unknown persons. Intus Certified copies of the death register, death certificates, survey map of a cemetery, extracts from death certificates.

Year01/01/1946 - 31/12/1951
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