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Ermittlungen zu den Orten Plankenfels - Röttenbach

Investigations about the places Plankenfels – Röttenbach Reports on and notifications of the passage of death marches and the burials of the casualties, form sheet lists, reports on the existence of burial places, lists on Concentration Camp inmates buried in Prettin/Pottenstein who were to be exhumed for identification purposes, lists of names of inmates detained in Concentration Camp Flossenbürg, Commando Pottenstein: Deceased - Survivors - Persons missing, register of concentration camp inmates committed to the makeshift hospital called "Klerikalseminar" (= clergymen seminary), eye witness reports on death marches through the community of Reichertsberg. Intus Sketches for survey maps, Death certificates, Maps

Year01/01/1945 - 31/12/1951
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