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Aktion "Kreisauswertung" ("Kreis Clearance Action").

Includes: Standardized overviews of the district-level data received from the communities, sorted alphabetically evaluation according to the fields: Locality, Strength, Date, Number of Deaths, Where from, Where to, Witnesses, Remarks some correspondence from police stations, UNRRA-tracing service offices and other local offices, organized under the overviews. Also includes: Department "Silesia": death marches coming from or passing through Silesia from the concentration camps, outlying units and penitentiaries Groß-Strehlitz, Auschwitz, Birkenau, Blechhammer, Monowitz, Schweidnitz, Jauer, Groß-Rosen (list by the Belgian Commissariat au Repatriement) list "Death Marches in the U.S.S.R. Zone of Germany and Austria".

Year01/01/1947 - 31/12/1949
Shelf markDE ITS 5.3.2 Tote 81
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